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Autoload is an Indian startup that has disrupted the transport and logistics sector across India. It serves as an online platform to connect transporters and truck owners all together with a vision of secure & convenient transportation. It has become India’s largest truck booking platform - helping transporters to drive efficiency and transparency in their truck booking process and enabling them to connect with millions of fleet owners across India. To put this in perspective, it has become the Uber of logistics industry in India, with more than a million truck owners and thousands of transports registered on their platform.
The transport sector in India was highly unorganized leading to efficiency deficit at many phases. The concept behind Autoload was to streamline the transport industry and provide manufacturers and truck owners a common portal to interact with each other as per their trucking needs. It can simply be metaphorized as the Uber of logistics industry in India. The requirement was to build a robust solution using which the truck owners and manufacturers can register themselves with the Autoload portal. Manufacturers can share their load details like weight, departure, destination, etc. and on the other side, truck owners can upload their truck location, type, axle type etc. The platform was required to automatically match the load details with the most appropriate truck owner nearby.
Envisaging the utter need of robustness and responsiveness required, the solution was built using ReactJS technology, in order to provide real-time data to the users. Mongo DB was used as as the database on the server side and Native Languages Java (Android) and Swift (iOS) was used on the client side for the mobile application. As a result, Daffodil built India’s most versatile and first of its kind digital platform i.e. Autoload for finding loads and hiring trucks for manufacturers and truck owners across India. It enable transporters across India to hire truck(s) with a mobile/web app on one side and on other side it empowers truck owners to conveniently find onward and return loads. It promises remarkable experience for transporters and truck owners
Autoload’s has established nation wide operation in a short span of time
Over 200, 000 truck owners and over 1000 large and mid- sized transporters have been registered in the platform within one year of the launch
Reduce costs of shipment, reduce fuel consumption, makes lives of truck drivers better and even common user will experience benefits in terms of reduced prices.
Real time tracking for transportes and manufactures, without any dedicated GPS devices
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