Stock Trading App
The client in an integral member of a leading stock broking firm in India and a seasoned stock broker with over 21 years of experience in NSE, BSE, MCX, currency and derivatives to CDSL and NSDL etc. The company runs as a sturdy competitor in the Indian stock market and rubs shoulders against some of the top financial services providers in India.
The client wanted to build web and mobile platforms providing comprehensive trading in BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX and NSE stock exchanges for equity, commodity and currency markets with some other value added features like Pay-in and Pay-out Funds, payment integration etc. The client wanted an easy navigation to all financial data and portfolio. They wanted to have a personalized market watch list to receive real time updates. The App needed to track users’ portfolio performance while maintaining high level of security for all accounts and trading data.
The web solution was developed in CakePHP using MYSQL and Native Languages Java and Swift were used on the client side for the mobile application. We Integrated multiple external API’s for stock trading, funds transfer, global indices rate, E-KYC and Live Chat thus making the mobile application work seamlessly. A mechanism for virtual trading of stocks was also integrated for 24x7 trading. The most critical part was complex UI and integration with multiple WebService Services. The mobile apps were built for Android and iOS platform and were supposed to go through a review and audit process before going live on repective app stores, so we have to make sure that apps must be tested thouroughly for all the platforms and devices (more then 15+ devices) after every single change in source code. So we have automated the API testing and Mobile app testing with Appium which helped us in saving a lot of energy and ensuring quality product.
A complete stock brokerage on mobile and web platform, that skyrocketed the brand image and reach for the client
The client observed a substantial increase in stickiness of existing users with the revamped application along with huge spike in new user acquisition
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